Иллюстрация к Саге о Д'Элеме. Глава Вторая. Мекеро: цена видений



from Saga of D'Elem. Chapter II:

“Mekky, would you please keep an eye out for Yuffie, I don’t know where she’s got to” asked Gef politely, “it’s quite late and she’s still not back, I’m a bit worried.
Oracle put the sweets back on the plate and shook his hands as if releasing some tension and then placed his index finger on his forehead in preparation for immersion into a state of meditation. His thoughts gradually slowed down until they stopped completely, opening up a blinking horizon of images before his inner eye. At first Meckero could see the picture of some valley painted in bright colours, then it suddenly came alive and, pulsating, started to change colour, quickly losing its liveliness: the trees turned black, the grass went tarnished silver, and the sky and the earth mixed into a dirty dusty colour, as pitch darkness fell.
“Is something wrong?” asked Gef in a whisper, worried, not moving his eyes away from the elf’s trembling eyelashes.
“I can’t see anything,” answered Meckero with disappointment. He opened his eyes and stood up abruptly, rubbing his hands. “It’s not a very good sign, Gef. Not good. I need to get some fresh air.”
Oracle turned sharply towards the entrance, made a few steps and stopped. Displeased with himself he closed his eyes as tight as he could and tried to get back to the dark vision. A sweat broke out on his forehead from the pressure, but the thought of stopping didn’t even enter his mind. Instead he quickly wiped his forehead with the back of his hand and started to stare deep inside, crawling through the foggy images. For a moment a bright light flashed before his eyes. The pain in his eyes from the bright light sent Meckero reeling, and unable to fight against the emerging feeling of weakness that filled up inside of him, the oracle collapsed on the floor powerless. ” Help!” he heard a familiar voice right before he passed out. 

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-- | автор: Foronfo3

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Иллюстрация к Саге о Д'Элеме. Глава Вторая: Гефестион - мастер кузни и ценитель прекрасного | автор: Desaint

From Saga of D'Elem. Chapter II: " Suddenly the windowpanes started to shake and there was a buzzing noise followed by a loud roar. Meckero, half asleep, twitched in his chair, releasing the...
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Аватар пользователя amon

у вас и перевод будет на англ?

и фэнтези и фантастика

Аватар пользователя Desaint


он уже есть, Амон.

И, добрый вечер! 

Да пребудет с вами мудрость светлых эльфов!

Аватар пользователя amon

и вам добрый :)

Чувствуется профессиональный подход в творчестве. Так на 2х языках издаваться будет?

и фэнтези и фантастика

Аватар пользователя Desaint


После выхода на английском будет ясно, будет ли перевод на другой язык - предполагается немецкий, но еще не решено исходя из возможностей.

На русском, как уже и было отмечено ранее, будут выпущены только подарочные издания в ограниченном количестве. 

Как мы надеемся, через пару недель уже все выйдет в свет.

Да пребудет с вами мудрость светлых эльфов!

Аватар пользователя Mascher

Я так понимаю оно вышло? Т.к. все 4 главы вдруг оказались пустыми, я снял их с публикации на нашем портале. Зачем текст удалять? Можно просто с публикации снять, и всё :)

Аватар пользователя Desaint


Нет, еще не вышло, уважаемый Mascher, пусть будет так. Я верну все на круги своя после релиза:) 

Да пребудет с вами мудрость светлых эльфов!