Иллюстрация к Саге о Д'Элеме. Глава Пятая: Смертельный взгляд Верлиона


From Saga of D'Elem. Chapter V:



“Stop!” cried the watchman at the oracle from the foot of the tower.  The young elf pulled out his dagger from its sheath and discontentedly shook his mane of straight dark-copper coloured hair. “The fair hasn’t started yet! Get back!”

 “Wait,” answered Verlion in the same tone.  The oracle shut his eyes in frustration and lightning-quick recited the magic words of ice, contemptuously hissing the destruction bearing words.  He slowly approached the figure of the frozen elf and passed around him, then turned his back to him, his upper lip trembling in indignation, and shouted:

 “Even the Emperor himself doesn’t have the right to order me around!”  I’m not even talking about you, you dark nobody!”

The tails of his cloak suddenly lifted up, revealing a long powerful tail, and, unable to summon the energy to reconcile with the way he had been addressed and forgive, Verlion stamped his foot and struck the dark elf in the face with his tail.

“I hate you,” hissed the oracle, throwing from his cloak tiny fragments of the creature that, only a moment ago, were full of life.  


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Аватар пользователя Богданов Глеб

 Главное чтоб такое ночью не приснилось))) А в какой программе эти иллюстрации деаются?

Аватар пользователя Desaint


Иллюстрации рисуются одними замечательными руками, используя различные комбинации программ.


Ну, Верлион не самый страшный в визуальном плане...

На сим умолкаю до премьеры, как мы надеемся в этом месяце все технические вопросы будут решены.


Да пребудет с вами мудрость светлых эльфов!